The happy hormones and how to activate them naturally

Article by Fiora Touliatou

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Essentially, we all want to be happy. But if we don’t use natural and healthy ways to create happiness, we might end up with the opposite results.

Many people, especially in the capital cities, use chemical substitutes as a shortcut to happiness such as cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs. Although these serve as a fast fix, they may create addiction, bad habits, health deterioration, depression or/and other serious mental health issues.

So how can we stimulate our brains naturally in order to create happiness?

Our brain secretes a wide range of neurochemicals, also known as hormones, and some of them are called the happy hormones. Here is a list with them and some suggested activities/tips that help to release them!

Serotonin, the balance hormone:

  • Eat healthy & balanced meals (aka serotonin food)
  • Stay in the sun for 20 every day
  • Spend time in nature
  • Practice mindfulness (which includes many activities that can be included as mindfulness exercises)
  • Practice meditation
  • Sleep well
  • Read books
  • Use herbal remedies

Dopamine, the reward hormone:

  • Practice self-care
  • Listen to music
  • Achieve a goal

Endorphin, the pain reliever:

  • Receive a massage
  • Use essential oils
  • Exercise
  • Eat dark chocolate

Oxytocin, the bonding hormone:

  • Physical touch – being affectionate and especially hugs!
  • Massage (again!)
  • Socialise
  • Spending quality time with family and loved ones
  • Having pets or generally spend time with animals
  • Compliment others
  • Offering unconditional help

Apart from all these suggestions, having a holistic balance in our lives is also crucial for our happiness and mental health. If we live day-by-day in unhappy jobs, houses, relationships, no matter how much we practice all the above, it’s inevitable that we will feel unfilled and unhappy. Making the right choices and changes in our lives/lifestyles, is a big stepping stone to our happiness. If you need guidance and help, you can always talk to a life coach. Check our Holistic LIfestyle Coaching programme for more!

Please note, if you follow most of these advices and you still find it hard to be happy, you probably need to talk to a mental health professional such as psychologist, psychotherapist or councellor. Or you might simply have a vitamin D deficiency so a visit to your doctor for some exams might be beneficial!

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