Onsite Massage & Reiki


Onsite massage, aka seated acupressure massage or chair massage, originates from traditional Japanese acupressure massage which has its principles in Chinese medicine. It has been modified and designed to be performed on a chair in order to bring the benefits of massage into the workplace. It is performed over the clothes on an upright seated ergonomically designed chair and without the use of oils or creams. A typical treatment takes 10, 15 or 20 minutes and targets the areas of the body mostly affected by stress and bad posture: back, neck and shoulders.

What are the benefits?

It is a fact that 70% of illnesses and diseases are caused by stress. It has been estimated that work-related pain costs the UK £5.7 billion every year and more than 1.5 million work days are lost to back pain. Therefore by introducing onsite massage into workplaces, employers are investing into the wellbeing of their staff. The results of this investment are instant as the staff return relaxed, rejuvenated, motivated and more productive back to work. Moreover, it is also a great morale booster for them.

Where can it be performed?

Onsite massage can be performed literally anywhere as the massage chair can be set up anywhere: in conference rooms, break rooms, empty office rooms or cubicles.

What is REIKI?

Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” in Japanese. It is a gentle yet powerful ancient energy healing method that can release stress while leaving the client with a feeling of inner calm and joy. During a session, the practitioner channels energy through his/her hands and transfers it to the client. Then, he/she works on the client’s aura (energy field of the body), the 7 major chakras (energy centres) and the 21 minor chakras in order to restore balance and harmony.

Treatments are performed while clients are fully clothed and are a combination of “hands on” (gentle touch) and “hands off” (hands placed on a distance over the auric field and chakras).

A whole treatment usually lasts for one hour and is performed on a massage table. However, for workplaces and events it is adapted and performed on a chair (client is seated) and lasts between 20 to 30 minutes.


2 £160£140£120
3 £240£210£180
4 £320£280£240
5 £400£350£300
6 £480£420£360

The options for clients’ session times are:10-minute, 15-minute or 20-minute slots.

Please note, when planning your company’s appointment schedule:

  • There should be a 5-minute turnover time between clients for the essential sanitisation of the equipment and working space. This is a legal requirement by government regulations.
  • It is essential to include a 30 minutes break for our practitioner every 2 hours. The break is uncharged but essential for the wellbeing of the practitioner. We want to offer a high standards service so please consider our wellbeing too!

For events and wellbeing days, apart from the onsite chair massage which is the most popular therapy, we can also offer additional therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, hand massage and Indian head massage.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, there is a cancellation policy for confirmed bookings. Once dates are confirmed, there is a 50% charge of the agreed rate outside 48 hours notice. For less than 48 hours notice, the full agreed rate will be charged.