Photo by Oluremi Adebayo 

Meditation is an ancient practice which originated in India around 5,000BC and was adopted by different spiritual practices all over Asia and nowadays in the Western world. In meditation, the practitioner uses different techniques to focus one’s attention into the present moment. The aim is to switch off from the outer world, focus inwards and calm the mind in order to achieve mental clarity, inner peace, emotional balance and happiness. 

During a class, practitioners will be seated and will be taught some basic techniques. To obtain the maximum benefits, a series of regular classes are recommended so participants can progress with their techniques and personal practice.


Online sessions:

1 hour (or 2 x 30 minutes) £200

Onsite workshops:

Small groups (max 50):

1 hour (or 2 x 30 minutes) £250

Cancellation Policy

Please note, there is a cancellation policy for confirmed bookings. Once dates are confirmed, there is a 50% charge of the agreed rate outside 48 hours notice. For less than 48 hours notice, the full agreed rate will be charged.