Co Keiji Hoshiki

What is FITNESS?

According to an ancient Greek proverb, “a healthy mind exists in a healthy body”. Therefore, if we are physically fit and healthy, our mental and emotional wellbeing will be in a good condition too. Generally speaking, physical fitness is a healthy body that has the ability to perform moderate to vigorous exercises. However, fitness should always be accompanied with sufficient rest and a healthy balanced nutrition.

Some of the most important benefits of regular exercise are: healthier heart, good weight management, lower risk of diabetes, stronger bones, joints and muscles, better sleeping patterns, lower stress levels and improved mental wellbeing.

Core Fitness | 30 min – Dynamic Pilates based mini workouts designed to strengthen the core muscles, improve posture and relieve back, neck and shoulder pains.

Stretch out the Stress | 30 min – Simple gentle stretching routines that release physical stiffness, emotional stress and relieve back, neck and shoulder pains.

Kung fu fitness | 60 min | *only taught in studio, not online* – A super dynamic fitness class based on authentic Shaolin kung fu training that will work you out on every level including cardio, strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance and concentration. Please note, this is a non-contact fitness class; there won’t be any fighting or self-defence techniques.

Desk fitness | 30 min – A new versatile concept for busy desk workers! Without leaving your workspace, use your desk and chair as props to perform simple and gentle exercises in order to eliminate stiffness and release back, neck and shoulder pains.


Classes can either be performed into a short 30 minute session (minimum booking of 60 minutes) or a normal one-hour session.

Online classes (max 20):

1 hour (or 2 x 30 min) – £200

Studio classes (max 15):

1 hour (or 2 x 30 min) – £250

Cancellation Policy

Please note, there is a cancellation policy for confirmed bookings. Once dates are confirmed, there is a 50% charge of the agreed rate outside 48 hours notice. For less than 48 hours notice, the full agreed rate will be charged.